Saturday, April 21, 2018

It's a vibrant ,complex visual world ..seen through young eyes

"Young children express themselves in complex ways. The child has a hundred languages, a hundred hands, a hundred thoughts, a hundred ways of thinking, of playing, of speaking." Loris Malaguzzi 

Primary students construct and express their understanding of the world around them in a variety of complex ways. They express their thoughts, emotions, questions, and needs through different modalities. A painting may describe a child’s experience visiting a relative.....

Young children express their individuality and needs in the unconscious ways that they speak and move - in their posture, gesture, and tone of voice, in the way they walk or hold a pencil. By listening carefully to how children express themselves and encouraging them to represent their thinking in a variety of ways, we help them to build stronger foundations for literacy and mathematics, and to deepen connections with one another and with the world. 


Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Hands on

 These enthusiastic 6 year-old students are learning 
3D shapes in English in a flipped method

and using a collaborative hands-on approach.
Some words in Geometry are very different in Swedish and are most scientific words so we do a lot of verbal drilling in a fun way.
Story telling using Emojis

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Owls and Hedgehogs Swedish style

Swedish Woodcut Printer -Kristina Alshelm..a vibrant septagenerian
Minerva...with her large scale woodcuts
conjuring up stark imagrey and mystical worlds..
in Stockholm ...the vernissage today Skällskarpet
Galleri Printmakers Collective..
Stern Owls and Prickly Hedgehogs stamped on velvet

....wild animal sentinels dwarfing medieval figures moving on Natures 

totemic chessboard......Nordic noir +

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Lisio Foundation in Florence is always a Creative Garden


 A reminder about my upcoming workshop at Lisio Foundation in Florence on April 27-28 where I combine creative textile work with in CLIL teaching format.I am officially accredited with the Tuscany Ongoing Education Office so here is a opportunity to brush up on English and learn to colour silk in a heritage textile foundation complex ,nestled in the Tuscan hills,complete with a rose distillery, a collection of working punch-card 18th Century jacquard looms and a chapel on the grounds..
For subscription please contact www.fondazione . Cecilia, our hospitable and ever-patient secretary knows all and is bilingual..
The silk flowers you will create in the 2 -day LISIO workshop in timeless Florence...with Piazza Michelangelo just over the hill..the villa on the hilltop belongs to Roberto Cavalli
The dynasty Lisio's Chapel..among the cypresses and the rose garden..  che bello!

  Workshops at Fondazione Lisio in Florence are such a joy and the addiction of Shibori is contagious..thanks to all my dear teachers in Japan ,Inge Hunter my Australian  and US teachers-Darcy Beybetere and my dearest mentor Janet de Boer

 A Lisio weaving Student, Ayaka Kura from Okinawa shows her

dyeing samples in the outdoor area of Lisio where the workshop took place..
Another talented student Nikita....with her samples..isnt it great that young students love this art!
A burst of colours-research has shown that words are stored more readily in long term memory through hands-on experiences with social interaction-which the workshop provides.

 My silk worms spinning their cocoons

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Doing Deco at the Dominion ,London!

On centre stage, with the exquisite  Lakshmi model extraordinaire- who wafted elegantly in a Poiret-inspired Sheherazade silk velvet manteau , a Londoner medical graduate who hails from Trinidad Tobago..hows that!!

I was invited  to display and give a speech about my work at the newly-renovated Dominion Theatre in London during Design week including a 5 million pound refurbishment in the previous Art Deco style that coincided with the TEXERE scarf show..It was a fund raiser for TEXERE,the education branch of the ETN  and a promotion for CAMAC steered by Caroline Mc Namara, including a display by design students and awards for wallpaper prints, including award winning work form australian students from Melbourne and work by Virginia Harrison..very impressive for the Australian contingent!

 A moment of glory in the Dominion Theatre on the corner Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road where We Will Rock You has been playing for 10 years and rehearsals for Evita were in progress..left you can see me speaking while
the theatre manager is literally propping up the video screen due to technical problems and goes to prove the show must go on..

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Upcoming workshop - at Contextart ..think Metamorphic....

 Dear students of my upcoming workshop,
 Really looking forward to meeting you all at Contextart along with my colleague assistant Cathy Moon-and getting that creative energy flowing between us!
Im also celebrating seeing my old friends after so many years and comparing notes about the course our destiny  takes  as life sweeps us along ... 

“Your hand can seize today, but not tomorrow; and thoughts of your tomorrow are nothing but desire. Don’t waste this breath, if your heart isn’t crazy, since "the rest of your life" won’t last forever.
Omar KhayyámThe Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám-
This was my mothers favourite poem ..

Here is my new series inspired by precious stones and crystals ,using the elemental metamorphic forces  
of heat and compression that transform the cloth......
 See you there
at Contexart under the auspises of our awe-inspiring and sagacious leader Janet.and right hand man Jude...

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Edgy Effigies

Projects for 2014 include a collaboration with THE WORLD OF PAPER Figurative theatre
based in Melbourne and submitting my portfolio to Handspring Figurative Theatre ,who have a new production at the Barbican in London of Midsummer Nights Dream.....check out the  video....
My Theatre Work in Sydney with Bricolage